Md. firefighters 'rescue' stranded newlyweds

When the bride and groom got stranded in front of a lighthouse, the crew gave them a ride to the reception

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BEL AIR, Md. — The Susquehanna Hose Company had a rescue of a different sort Saturday at the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace.

Like what happens nearly every Saturday at the city's most popular tourist spot, Chris and Taylor Karabaich came from Westminster to be married in front of the lighthouse. The ceremony was held, photos were taken and the guests and bridal party headed for the reception at La Banque de Fleuve on nearby St. John Street.

The bride and groom, however, were left standing in front of the lighthouse.

That's when members of Susquehanna Hose, who were enjoying their annual company crab feast at the nearby Havre de Grace Maritime Museum, came to the newly married couple's rescue.

At first the newlyweds were reluctant to accept several offers from others to provide them with transportation to their reception, the bride admitting she was a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

Finally, Susquehanna Hose driver Dave Larson and unit officer Sam Cubberley brought the volunteer fire company's Quint 535 to the rescue, and the Karabaichs were driven to the reception.

"What can we say? The amount of generosity that we saw yesterday in Havre de Grace was amazing! The community was able to turn a wedding nightmare into one of the most wonderful memories of our lives," Taylor Karabaich wrote in an email Monday. "Every couple getting married fears that something could potentially go wrong during the wedding, but never would we have imagined that our limo driver would take our wedding party from the ceremony to the reception leaving the bride and groom behind.

"Chris and I stood at the corner of Concord and Lafayette streets in full wedding attire holding our basket of programs waiting for our limo to come back, but he never did," the bride's email continued. "We were offered rides from the locals enjoying a barbecue, but embarrassed, we politely declined. A man and a woman [Sam and Sonya Cubberley] came up to us and asked us if we wanted to go in the fire truck. After waiting another 15 minutes, we decided we had waited long enough and we were going to switch up our wedding 'plan' to what will end up being the most fun, most spontaneous decisions we've ever made."

The newlyweds were left with a wedding day memory never to be forgotten.

"Chris and I had huge smiles on our faces riding through Havre de Grace in style. Our guests stood outside cheering and clapping as we pulled up; sirens on and lighting up the streets," Taylor wrote.

"We were already in love with the uniqueness of the quaint town, lighthouse and restored bank [where the reception was held], but would never imagined how that day could have become more memorable and special. Thank you to the community of Havre de Grace and especially to the Volunteer Fire Department that rescues us on our wedding day. We will have an amazing story to tell! We are so grateful!"

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