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Are you on #FirefighterTok? Check out these firefighters-turned-TikTok content creators

If a fire service career doesn’t pan out, some of these responders may have a career waiting in Hollywood


“It’s just kids dancing, right?”

That’s a typical response to many discussions involving TikTok – well, at least when conversing with people over 40. And while dance trends are indeed a popular focus on the app, there’s also lots of engaging content about a dizzying array of topics and from countless content creators, including firefighters.

As you check out these comedic clips, I encourage you to consider how your department could employ this social media platform to reach potential members or spread life safety messages to a younger audience.

Things that ‘make sense’ at our fire station

Yes, the music might make you crazy, but check out those shift-specific fridges! Does your station have some unique features that might make for a good video?

The mustache conundrum

It’s a never-ending internal debate. What is the ratio of mustache to bare lip at your department?

Career v. volunteer calls

The comments on the video back up the claim made here. Any dissenters?

The Safety shoe

We found another use for the Jaws of Life! Have you ever used a firefighting tool for a nontraditional purpose?

Summer Sweating

This is what we call firefighting in peak summer.

Runaway hose

This is the strategy when this happens, right?

Saving the world

From formal wear to fire gear in under 10 seconds.

Size doesn’t matter

Every department really needs one of each.

Reality vs. expectation

Which one of these scenarios is more reflective of YOUR station?

Shift friendships

I mean, is it really considered “work” at this point?

The Lone firefighter in a family of law enforcement

But we all know they’ll be waiting for the big red truck to pull in the next time they have a beeping smoke detector.

Station haircut day

Too busy in between shifts to grab a haircut? No problem!

Bonus PSA: Please pull to the right

Tell me you won’t have this playing in your head the next time someone is oblivious to your horn, lights and the daggers shooting from your eyes into their rearview mirror.

Who says firefighters aren’t funny? Do you have a favorite Tik Tok creator making fire content? Leave their link in the comments and we may add it to our list.

Rachel Engel is an award-winning journalist and the senior editor of and In addition to her regular editing duties, Engel seeks to tell the heroic, human stories of first responders and the importance of their work. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, and began her career as a freelance writer, focusing on government and military issues. Engel joined Lexipol in 2015 and has since reported on issues related to public safety. Engel lives in Wichita, Kansas. She can be reached via email.