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Video: Tornado smashes Ohio fire station in ‘direct hit’

Firefighters and EMS providers helped with recovery after the storm left three people injured, hundreds of homes damaged and thousands without power


Photo/Goshen Professional Firefighters Local 1443

Cliff Pinckard

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio — At least three people were injured, hundreds of homes were damaged and thousands were without power Wednesday after a suspected tornado and severe thunderstorms passed through southwest Ohio.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the National Weather Service says radar data and images from the Goshen area indicate a tornado did touch down at about 3 p.m. and was responsible for at least some of the damage in the city and Clermont County.

According to WLWT Channel 5, three injuries have been reported so far, although none are serious. One of the injuries was caused by flying debris.

A fire department took a “direct hit,” according to reports, although emergency workers were able to get vehicles out of the building. A police station also was damaged.

Emergency crews had some difficulty getting to areas because of debris, WCPO Channel 9 reports. Several buildings had roofs torn off, while other buildings were destroyed, WCPO reports.

Township administrator Stephen Pegram tells Fox 19 that hundreds of homes had “significant” damage.

“The fact that we do not have a lot of injuries or any fatalities is a blessing,” Pegram tells Fox 19. “[...]I think Goshen got lucky, but we have a lot of damage and a lot of people hurting right now.”

About 54,000 customers in the area still were without power early Thursday morning, the Duke Energy website shows.


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