Code 3 Podcast: Making volunteer firefighting fun again

Scott Orr speaks with Jack Kline about his recent op-ed about how to reverse the volunteer firefighting staffing shortage trend

The declining number of volunteer firefighters is not a new concern in the fire service. The issue has been discussed at length, with many articles (rightfully) focused on how to improve recruitment and retention efforts. And it’s important that we keep talking about it!

Everyone has their own theory of why no one wants to volunteer these days. But a Syracuse, New York, newspaper op-ed column with a new explanation began showing up in social media in August. The article was written by Jack Kline of Lysander, New York. Kline has been a volunteer firefighter for over four decades. He remembers “the good ol’ days” when people liked giving their time to protect their neighbors. His column’s title – “Make volunteer firefighting fun again” – eludes to Kline’s views on why Jack we’re experiencing a staffing shortage now.

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