Trending Topics: The latest on raging Calif. wildfires, devastation

We take a look at several news stories and expert perspectives surrounding the vast and deadly wildfires

By Sarah Calams, FireRescue1 Associate Editor

Twenty-two wildfires are tearing through Northern California, and have killed over 30 people; injured more than 100; and destroyed thousands of homes, businesses and structures. Investigators are currently looking into the causes, but no determination has been made as of yet.

Thousands of firefighters are helping in the containment efforts, but steady winds and non-existent humidity are expected to give the wildfires continued momentum. In this Trending Topic, we take a look at several news stories and expert analysis surrounding the vast and deadly fires.

Firefighters douse hot spots in the Coffey Park area of Santa Rosa, Calif.
Firefighters douse hot spots in the Coffey Park area of Santa Rosa, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Check out the articles and share your thoughts below on if climate change is affecting responders' jobs.

  1. The origins of the Santa Rosa wildfire
    Are we asking firefighters to do the impossible in containing wildfires without eliminating contributing building factors?
  2. 6 takeaways from the California wildfires
    The initial chaos requires quick, creative incident mitigation solutions, while recovery requires long-term planning.
  3. Rapid Response: Is it time to consider climate change and its effect on responders?
    Deadly California wildfires are latest natural disaster to displace civilians, damage infrastructure and strain fire department budgets.
  4. Technology, funding, legislation: Preventing and fighting wildfires
    With 58 million acres of national forest lands at severe risk, officials seek a solution that addresses both wildfire budgeting and forest management.
  5. Learn from past wildfires to fight future blazes
    Understanding the scope and costs of historic and recent wildfires is necessary to plan for future fire-suppression efforts.
  6. Interactive map visualizes active Calif. wildfires
    The Esri interactive map uses data from USGS and Waze to share locations and traffic alerts with a new mapping technique.
  7. Calif. wildfires bring record 31 deaths
    Real recovery would have to wait for firefighters to bring under control the 22 wildfires spanning more than 300 square miles.

  8. Officials: Deadly and vast Calif. wildfires could gain momentum
    Steady winds with gusts up to 45 mph with nearly non-existent humidity are expected to descend on the areas north of San Francisco.
  9. Calif. fire chief loses home while battling wildfire
    Chief Tom Welch lost his home, then went back and helped with the fire response in Napa and Sonoma counties after he and his family evacuated.
  10. New fire station destroyed in Calif. wildfire
    The station, opened only two years ago, was designed to improve the department’s ability to respond to fire and medical calls in the area.
  11. Officials: Vineyards may have prevented Calif. wildfire from getting worse
    “Ninety percent of the property is wildland. It all burned … except the vineyard," vineyard owner Christian Palmaz said.
  12. National Guard bringing fuel to Calif. firefighters
    Guard members were also helping with medical evacuations and security at evacuation centers.
  13. Calif. firefighter: Risk remains extreme for wildfires
    Investigators are looking into the causes, but no determination has been made at any of the sites of major wildfires blazing in Northern California.
  14. Hundreds more firefighters deploy to fight Calif. blazes
    At least 100 people have been injured, and as many as 1,500 homes and businesses destroyed, according to authorities.
  15. Wine country wildfires torch Calif. homes
    Officials estimated the fire had wiped out "well in excess of" 50 structures and "threatened thousands of homes."

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