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Top 10 stories of 2011

The most popular stories this year prove that modern technology can get firefighters into trouble: An LA fire truck served as the backdrop for a porn film, and a Mass. firefighter was fired over his Facebook posts.

In lighter news, a video showing Tenn. firefighters dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and a story covering a helmet sticker controversy made the cut. Check out all of our top 10 stories of 2011:

1. Tenn. man who doesn’t dial 911 loses home to inferno

Police were called to restrain a man who had to be disarmed and handcuffed before he would stop shooting at the fire.

2. Firefighter accused of sex in fire truck reinstated

Firefighter Wilson had been on paid leave for a year due to the allegations that he had sex in a fire truck at a firehouse multiple times.

3. Los Angeles fire truck used as porn film backdrop prompts investigation

LA firefighters are under investigation for allegedly appearing in porn movies on the job and for setting up a fire truck porn scene.

4. Mass. firefighter fired over Facebook posts, images

Veteran firefighter’s postings deemed a violation of department conduct because they “ridiculed and disparaged” others in the fire department and other public safety departments.

5. 2 fire trucks crash head-on, 5 firefighters injured in Mo.

The fire trucks had left from the same stations and were both headed to a structure fire, but the first truck missed the location and swung back, striking the other truck head-on.

6. Tenn. firefighters dance, ‘thrill’ in training music video

Firefighters converge in military lockstep, wiggle their hips and spray their imaginary fire hoses to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

7. Pink T-shirt ban for NJ firefighters

Firefighters at a fire department in New Jersey have been banned from wearing pink T-shirts in public for Breast Cancer Awareness Month because, according to the department, members ‘can’t alter the uniform and must maintain a professional image’ when in public.

8. Philly firefighter who posed topless for calendar reassigned

Jack Slivinski is being investigated by the department for violating several protocols. Fire commissioner: “We don’t sell sex, we sell safety.”

9. Firefighter helmet sticker stirs controversy in NM

Firefighters claim the “FMB” sticker represents brotherhood and solidarity, but critics think it’s an attack on the local mayor.

Dubious sticker on firefighter helmets:

10. FDNY fire crew sprays down cops’ attackers

When cops were being attacked by a mob, a firefighter pushed them back with the water cannon.

Fort Lauderdale firefighters faced fire showing from a home and an injured person
Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace said one firefighter died and four others suffered burns of varying degrees
Firefighters in Enfield ran an aggressive attack on a house fire that displaced nearly a dozen occupants
Speedlays provide quick deployment of attack lines to the fire, which is what we need as the fire grows faster and faster on today’s modern fireground