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Top 5 firefighting ladder/roof near misses of 2012

Truck work is among the most dangerous tasks on a firegound. The physics of roofs invite injury; add fire to the mix and it’s a deadly combination. And despite our precautions, ladders leave us in incredibly vulnerable positions.

Every near miss is a chance for other firefighters to learn and avoid injury or death.And in the spirit of being safer, here are our top five near-miss videos involving ladders and roofs.

‘Visiting firefighter’ fall through roof during training

Belgian firefighters visiting Detroit crews to see them in action fall through a roof of a burning building while on a call.

Ground ladder collapses, crew falls

While trying to access a buring home’s roof for ventilation, the ladder suddenly gives way, sending two firefighters to the ground.

Sudden roof collapse

While tackling a fire on a rooftop, Michigan firefighters narrowly escape when the roof unexpectedly gives way.

Firefighter near miss on roof

A firefighter is rescued through a hole in the roof after he ran out of air during an interior attack.

Firefighter hit by window

This firefighter escaped serious injury when he was struck by a falling window while descending a ladder.