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Top 5 funniest firefighting videos of 2012

Firefighting requires bravery, courage, and discipline, but judging from these videos, it also requires a fun sense of humor. Despite how dangerous the job can be, firefighters seem to be innate jokesters ready to pull pranks, take on ridiculous challenges, and even sing for your entertainment.

Check out 2012’s top five funniest videos below.

Retired firefighter dishes prank

While a retired firefighter returns to the firehouse and volunteers to cleans up after dinner, crews decide to make the task an endless one.

Firefighters in drag put out truck fire

Moments before a St. Patrick’s Day parade, a fire broke out. Luckily firefighters that were dressed for entertaining parade goers were on hand to help!

Ghost pepper challenge

Two brave firefighters take on one of the hottest chilis on the earth. From the looks of it, the pepper definitely won.

Dog helps firefighters pull down tree

A Dutch volunteer firefighter’s dog lends a helping mouth to assist crews in pulling down a partially fallen down tree.

“Firefighter Style”, a “Gangnam Style” parody

Pa. firefighters put on a hilarious rendition of the viral “Gangnam Style” hit in honor of Fire Safety Month this year.