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EMT Frederick D. Whiteside, 43, was a veteran of 22 years at the FDNY
Artificial intelligence is being tested to see how it can answer non-emergency calls, reducing dispatchers’ workload
At least 98 people were killed and over 2,000 structures destroyed in the Lahaina wildfire
75% of respondents said the high-stress nature of the job was the major factor in staffing shortages
Former Hialeah dispatchers say calls are unanswered because the 911 center is severely understaffed
The large response of first responders to the Charlotte construction site fire led officials to tell the public to not use 911 except in a true emergency
Crash detection technology automatically alerts 911 when a severe car crash is detected, but it’s frequently leading to false reports
The mix-up sparked a debate on best practices for responding to 911 calls when the address is in question
Firefighters used a rope to guide the kids to dry land after one of them called 911
Lexington 911 operators used a manual method during the computer-aided system failures, which caused delays
Fire, police and EMS agencies, as well as local governments, share their appreciation for emergency dispatchers during the 2023 recognition week
Amid a nationwide staffing shortage, learn how you can support the lifesaving role of public safety dispatchers – the FIRST first responders
In the 911 cellphone call, dispatchers can be heard saying, “you’re stuck where?” and “scream as loud as you can”
“First responders were sent to the wrong location, or were misinformed about the emergent situation, or were not dispatched,” Helena Moreno said