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False Alarms

Residents at Reserve at LaVista Walk said fire alarms regularly go off at the apartment complex
Rep. Jamaal Bowman will pay a $1,000 fine and serve probation for pulling a House fire alarm as legislators worked to avoid a government shutdown
Senator Jamaal Bowman said he pulled the alarm inside the Cannon House Office Building, thinking it would open a door
Spokane County Lt. Cody Traber fell from a bridge while trying to get a better vantage point to spot a reported brush fire
The new fines would kick in after the third false alarm in a calendar year, starting at $100 for the fourth false alarm, $200 for the fifth and $300 for the sixth and any additional false alarms
Union County EMS officials wrote that residents are likely mistaking the sound of cicadas for vehicle or home alarms
The woman allegedly called her daughter and told her she had been shot
Newburgh Firefighter Shelby Whitehouse ran up to the scene in full gear to find her boyfriend Lt. Zeke Fleming getting down on one knee
The man allegedly set up a fog machine and told a friend a mom and baby were in danger
With their nuisance call assumptions found to be incorrect, officers take a new approach to solve the problem
Fake flames included in the display have been mistaken for a real house fire by several passersby
The woman was found hiding in a closet in her home after dozens of rescue personnel searched for her
The man faces multiple charges after allegedly pulling a fire alarm inside an apartment building where there was no emergency
The firefighter faces charges of making false alarms and disrupting public services after allegedly calling in a fire that never occurred
Officials said all four fabricated calls prompted a “heavy response” from fire, EMS and law enforcement personnel