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The rescue resource page covers a range of tactical considerations for performing technical rescues and rescue operations on the fireground. Learn lessons learned from mayday events involving firefighter rescues; news about civilian rescues, like one captain’s controversial solo rescue; tips for managing technical rescue operations – rope, confined space, water, trench, vehicle/machinery, structural, and wilderness rescue; rescue incidents related to natural disasters and other major events; and even animal rescues and some rather odd rescues, like people stuck in trees, machine machines or other unique spots that require fire service intervention.

First responders went beyond the call of duty, pulling animals from sinkholes, frozen ponds and bear dens
“The thing we do is protect life — fire department, law enforcement, that’s what you do,” Fire Deputy Chief Brandon Newsome said
A carnival crisis, cliffhangers, underground escapes and fiery extractions: First responders answered the call in 2023
Dallas-Fire Rescue and the Urban Search and Rescue Team positioned an aerial ladder above the box truck and used a harness to hoist the driver to safety
Nolen Carney and his father were in New York City when that saved a man who had overdosed
K-9 Drogon is a member of South Dakota Task Force 1, which is a statewide emergency resource, available for call-out 24/7
Houston firefighters were able to hoist the driver to safety from the passenger side window
Revere firefighters rescued two occupants during an intentionally set fire on the 4th floor hallway
Two people were injured during a two-alarm fire on the seventh floor of a 10-story high-rise
At least one person was rescued as three boats were burning at a South San Francisco marina
A coordinated effort involving several departments saved a construction worker pinned by a foundation collapse
Modesto firefighters responded to a call for a trapped person and found the victim pinned underneath the forklift
Firefighters breached a wall but held off on using torches to cut the steel plating
Barrow County firefighters faced heavy fire at the front of the house and were shown a bedroom window where the child would be
Fire involving li-ion batteries blocked the doorway of the second-floor apartment in Brooklyn