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Jeremy C. Lundgren served with Dover AFB Fire & Emergency Services
Office of Special Counsel: “The evidence showed many [Niagara Falls] employees — both students and instructors — on leave during the reported training courses”
The Air Force and Navy flight demonstration teams performed two flyovers honoring front-line personnel in areas hard-hit by the pandemic
The Air Force demonstration team performed a flyover passing by 18 medical facilities in the city in a tribute to front-line personnel
Capt. Brian Seidenschmidt was one of two firefighters to fly today, honored for leading the efforts to rescue the Thunderbird crew in the 2017 mishap
An Air Force reservist gives his opinion on the topic; add your own thoughts in the comments
The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge gathers top firefighters to challenge each other as they race through tasks such as dragging hoses and saving victims
Several firefighters were treated for dehydration after putting out the fire
The newest firefighters served as either soldiers, Marines, sailors or airmen
Similar to becoming a civilian firefighter, there are qualifications you must meet to become an Air Force firefighter