NY fire district reaches flag display agreement

Firefighters were ordered to remove the flag from rigs earlier this week

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — The Arlington Fire District reached an agreement Thursday regarding the display of the U.S. flag on fire trucks.

Firefighters removed the flag from three trucks Tuesday, after the Board of Fire Commissioners stated the flags were a liability and could distract other drivers. 

The district and the board reached a compromise, allowing the use of one flag on one engine, reported the Hudson Valley News Network.

The following statement was released by the board:

“The Arlington Fire Department and the Arlington Professional Firefighters Local 2393 met today to discuss the placement of the American flag on our apparatus. 

We have agreed to install a flag on an engine and continue to work together to develop a standard and protocol. The Arlington Fire District recognizes the important and symbolism of the American flag.”

Following the decision, the district’s county office released this statement:

“Firefighters displaying the American flag is tradition and it’s appropriate. We are heartened the Arlington Fire District Fire Chief and District Board Chairman were able to sit down and resolve this issue.   

We know the Fire Chief and Chairman of the Board both to be active, concerned and dedicated members of our community with a deep commitment to keeping our families safe. Today’s decision enables the men and women of the department to be able to demonstrate their commitment to the ideals embodied within the American Flag and pride for one of the country’s great tradition of fire service.   

We should always encourage a spirit of community and pride in our communities, nation and shared values. The larger Dutchess County community, joined by voices from throughout the nation, have expressed overwhelming support for the display of the American flags and we are pleased the American flag will be again proudly waving in the Arlington Fire District.”

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