Ariz. firefighter talks about being hit by stray bullet

The stray bullet hit firefighter Mase Mattingly's mask, popped out and fell into his hands; he was uninjured

GILBERT, Ariz.— A firefighter considers himself lucky after escaping injury when live ammunition began discharging during a house fire Sunday.

AZ Family reported that when crews arrived on scene they spotted a garage full of ammunition burning. The fire triggered a string of explosions that had neighbors ducking for cover.

A stray bullet hit firefighter Mase Mattingly's mask and popped out.

"I think it hit my helmet and fell right into my hand," Mattingly said.

Investigators said the homeowner was in the garage loading ammo when the fire started.

"My only concern was if there was a loaded gun in the garage with a bullet in the chamber," Mattingly said.

He says the bullet is now a souvenir and reminder to always exercise caution.

"I guess I will hang on to it for a while," he said.

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