Firefighters help capture bear wandering around Pa. town

Crews broke the bear's fall in a tarp after a tranquilizer began to set in

By FireRescue1 Staff

NAZARETH, Pa. — Firefighters and the Pennsylvania state Game Commission teamed up to catch a bear that was strolling through town.

The Associated Press reported that the 215-pound bear was reported by a witness; the bear was wandering around, but climbed a tree by the time the Game Commission responded.

The bear was tranquilized, and firefighters broke her fall in a tarp when the tranquilizer began to set in.

Although she tried to run away after falling from the tree, the bear eventually laid down and passed out.


Today the Nazareth Fire Dept. Responded to a crowd control call with police on Broad st, between belvidere and Walnut...

Posted by Nazareth Fire Department on Sunday, July 23, 2017


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