Firefighters raise money for animal oxygen masks with pet calendar

The Chattanooga Fire Department hopes to equip each fire truck with pet resuscitation devices with the money raised from the calendars

By FireRescue1 Staff

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Firefighters are raising money for pet oxygen masks with a calendar that showcases them with their very own animals.  

WDEF reported that the Chattanooga Fire Department teamed up with Wally’s Friends Clinic to create the fundraising calendar that features firefighters with their pets in an effort to raise $5,000 to equip all fire trucks with an animal oxygen mask.

“We had immediate success because many of the firefighters have their own animals and oftentimes multiple animals, so they were all ready to become models for the calendar,” Wally’s Friends Clinic member Eileen Price said.

Chief Phil Hyman said all of the firefighters are trained to use the masks to save animals.

“A veterinarian came in and trained all of our firefighters on all the equipment, showed them the very specifics of it and we were fortunate enough to partner with the folks making the calendar to get equipment on all of our trucks.”

The calendars are now on sale for $20.


Firefighter/Pet Calendar Now on Sale (Please Share!) The calendars cost $20 and will be sold at the following...

Posted by Chattanooga Fire Department on Tuesday, March 6, 2018


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