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NC firefighters rescue ducklings from storm drain

Crews spent three hours working to get the eight ducklings out of the drain


By Abbie Bennett
The News & Observer

APEX, N.C. — Eight tiny ducklings and their mom are feeling a lot safer thanks to the hard work of a group in Apex on Monday.

Apex police, firefighters, two electricians and two volunteers helped rescue the eight ducklings from a storm drain.

The group spent three hours beginning at about noon working to get the ducklings out of the drain on the Apex Peakway, according to Dawn Delventhal, one of two women who helped the crews rescue the ducks.

Electricians were the first to notice the mother duck near the storm drain, and then Delventhal and a friend stopped to check on things, too.

“The momma duck was going nuts at the drain so two electricians initially stopped and started to try and help,” Delventhal wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “Then Kelly and I stopped.... It was not easy and I got a good squat work out jumping in and out of the storm drain.”

The ducks were released safely at a pond nearby.

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