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Good Samaritans

The firefighter-medic and a nurse both separately stopped to assist the crash victims, all of whom had to be extricated from the vehicles
“They rushed over,” said Anderson Township Fire Department member Curtis Yuskewich
Guil-Rand Firefighter Forrest Ralph Harrell was trying to help a man with a stalled SUV
“The most important part of my life is to help and uplift other people, so there’s no way I can give up now,” says 34-year-old J.C. LaVerde
Cortlandville Firefighter Johnathan Alteri was off-duty but got a notification about the crash and rushed to the scene
A man inside the burning home dropped his 1-year-old into the waiting arms of Patrick Burke Jr. from a second story window as the structure burned on Nov. 26
“I have a firefighter brother, and when I saw what was happening and that they needed some help, all I could see was my brother up there,” Aaron Murrell said
“I had to go in to try to help her because I knew he wasn’t coming out of the house without his wife,” said Jennifer Colarossi
Monroe firefighters were forced to cut out the windshield and pull the driver onto a boat; EMS providers transported the patient to a hospital
A bystander saw the Pilcher’s ambulance and got the EMS providers out, but paramedic and retired firefighter Don Parrish did not survive
With a partly crushed skull and a broken jaw, J.C. La Verde kept swimming until he reached safety
Qualified immunity protection varies from state to state. Do you know yours?
Wilmington Firefighter Cecilia Escobar-Duplan, 25, was hit by a pickup truck while she was attempting to render aid at a crash scene
Bend Firefighter-Paramedic Jared Hopper ran into the house after a neighbor said the resident was disabled and couldn’t get out
The ripples from the personal watercraft circling the burning boat pushed it into range of the firefighters’ hoses
At least eight people were injured in the crash that left one vehicle hanging off the side of a bridge
Astro, a pit bull mix, led a stranger to his owner who had suffered a medical emergency
Crews were assisted by off-duty firefighters, police officers and bystanders during the rescues
Ashely Roa, 15, and Stephanie Roa, 17, were presented Certificates of Heroism, the highest recognition for civilians presented by the Orange County Fire Authority
Topeka Fire Chief Craig Duke said Rena Blomberg and Jessica Jones showed heroism by rendering aid despite COVID-19 risks
Officials said a group of juveniles got inside the rig and started driving it while Sacramento firefighters were on a medical call
The late Clayton Fire Marshal Roy Weckherlin’s badge was lost in a restaurant in Florida years ago, and the Florida man who found it spent four years working to return it to its rightful place
Wood-Ridge Firefighter Daniel O’Beirne, who was on his way to his job as a corrections officer, and Inspira Medical Center Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Jordan Reed worked together to save the driver
The two firefighters and two people who jumped from windows to escape the blaze were treated and released
A former firefighter who lived nearby made attempts to rescue the couple
The rig was en route to the hospital when the engine compartment caught fire, sending smoke into the cab
Firefighters said the eight boxes containing 160 N95 respirators were left with their engine without a note while the crew was out shopping for groceries
The man, known as “Mango,” helps stop traffic to clear a path for fire engines and ambulances