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Phoenix firefighters battle house fire while saving hundreds of reptiles

Firefighters were forced to take an offensive stance from inside the house to save as many reptiles as possible

Snakes Fire5ce233a893ccf.image.jpg

Firefighters rescued hundreds of snakes while battling a house fire.

Photo/ Phoenix Fire Department

By FireRescue1 Staff

LAVEEN, Ariz. — Phoenix firefighters were shocked to find a house full of snakes, reptiles and other animals when responding to a house fire recently.

AZ Family News reported that Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Greg Hawk said the house was filled with hundreds of these creatures. Firefighters were forced to change tactics and take an offensive stance from inside the house to save as many reptiles as possible, while battling the fire.

“There were literally firefighters that were fighting fire, squirting water on the fire, and guys next to them picking up snakes and putting them in buckets,” Hawk said.

None of the snakes were venomous.

The firefighters also rescued several different lizards, tortoises, and a couple of dogs and cats.

The Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary also joined the scene to help remove the reptiles and is now caring for them.

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