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Photos: Fla. firefighters rescue eagle impaled by lightning rod on radio tower

“To be up close to America’s symbol of freedom, what a memory!” the Macclenny Fire and Rescue Department said in a Facebook post


Photo/Macclenny Fire and Rescue Department

By Leila Merrill

MACCLENNY, Fla. — Macclenny firefighters assisted wildlife authorities in rescuing an eagle that was impaled by a lightning rod atop a radio tower at St. George Elementary School last week.

Two firefighters extended its tower ladder to its maximum reach, 100 feet, according to the department. From there, an engineer climbed the remaining 20 feet to reach the eagle and free it.

The board flew down and was caught by wildlife authorities.

In a Facebook post, the Macclenny Fire and Rescue Department said, “Great job fellas. We are extremely proud of you and what a call. To be up close to America’s symbol of freedom, what a memory!”

Despite the rescuers’ efforts, the bird succumbed to its injuries several days later.

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