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Video: Baby seal rescued by Calif. city firefighters

The 5-month-old seal was found at a parking structure by a good Samaritan

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Thy Vo
Palo Alto Daily News, Calif.

Five-month-old Santos took a bit of a detour Sunday morning, waddling his way into a Redwood City parking structure.

It was no place for a baby seal to be. So a good Samaritan called the Redwood City Fire Department, which responded to the parking structure at 601 Marshall Street.

“5 month old Santos made it back to the fire station where he posed for pictures and took a nap,” Redwood City Fire wrote in an Instagram post Sunday.

The Instagram video showed Santos hopping around the parking lot as firefighters looped a rope around his neck, followed by a clip of the baby seal nodding off in the fire station.

The Marine Mammal Center picked Santos up from the fire station and took him to their facility in Sausalito, where he will be monitored and treated before he is eventually released, according to the post.[0]=68.ARCqlNusYYDdWa8iy4BErrxiwg3GRb3-UjxBRfe9vezA8HOPIAM5NXrmht7wLDyWKUdaHdqt-aA9noBk1f47ul_ek9RtiJ5zolRS6FfWnfzaCv4sW424pUHmoq0dpxFA7cMlI9YwfRpK2IKsUYoANp4GXGzVbAptc3kbyn_mW6Z1SRavoqMpaKqZJIX3aw8lpehLCX7lFH9PFdyw3sY8gn2Gm1FeF1n5916bPBu0v56GOwkFvaSmf3aEXQJSoXt1kdi5CX0WsQlyBLtpjEE2YLzT7cAkEKLQIFUwWLkLBi0qEFV8ed4b7gQlptelGxeYjFj4RBLGk5i1rO08C3y7PKhAlovySePoQUD9bmwp&__tn__=-R


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