Wis. firefighters, medics get body armor

The ballistic vests and helmets are to be worn in active shooter situations

FOND DU LAC, Wis. — A Wisconsin fire department is purchasing ballistic vests and helmets to keep its firefighters and paramedics safe in active shooter situations.

WBAY.com reported the Fond du Lac Fire Department is the latest to join the growing trend of outfitting crews with body armor.

“These are really personal protective equipment for our personnel. It’s not meant to be an offensive type of equipment. It’s basically to protect our personnel if somebody does have a weapon or they are shot at, they are protected,” said Assistant Chief Todd Janquart.

The department hopes the added layer of protection will enable paramedics to get to patients sooner in a potentially volatile situation. 

“It would be a shame to not have this protection and watch somebody deteriorate their condition and not be able to help them,” said Nick Faharenkrug, a firefighter-paramedic with the department.

Crews completed training with the equipment this week. 

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