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This week’s photo is from a Los Angeles County community event giving kids on the Autism spectrum a chance to interact with first responders
For those with a related diagnosis, they may struggle with emergency sights and sounds or being touched, which can trigger anxiety and lead to outbursts that look like noncompliance
The Atlantic County Special Needs Registry seeks to ensure first responders can prepare to care appropriately for a person with special needs
Law enforcement, EMS and civic leaders joined forces to fund a valuable communication app and get it in the hands of first responders
A police detective was motivated to create the “Carter Kits” by his son, who is on the autism spectrum
Bags containing items such as noise reducing earmuffs, stress balls and fidget toys were added to three Ohio fire stations to help patients with autism stay calm
Jenna Newman created cards using the Picture Exchange Communication System that include images broken down into categories
Bursting Bubbles developed a toy that wouldn’t take up much space in emergency vehicles while allowing responders to connect with those with autism
Bill Carey created a bottle that helps with visual and auditory stimulation in an effort to help autistic patients feel more comfortable
The “Take Me Home” program includes an online registry and stickers with the logo that will help first responders assess the situation
Holden Bridges’ father flagged down a fire truck to ask if they could come to the party after none of Holden’s classmates came
Phoenix Lake was celebrating with police officers when firefighters arrived outside his home in a fire truck
As the number of autistic children and adults increases, it is more likely that first responders will encounter an autistic individual during an emergency situation
Jason Gregoire said he wanted to move out of state to give his autistic son a better education
Kayden Culp was placed into a medically induced coma Oct. 2 after suffering burns on 20 percent of his body
The fire and police department arrived to the 11-year-old’s party with sirens and lights flashing
Some people with autism get overloaded by noise or flashing lights, causing them to shut down, so showing them the lights and sirens on a police car in a safe setting can help
Jacob Huffman helped inventory equipment on the fire truck, and trained using a powerful fire hose and worked a mock rescue mission
After a concerned mother posted on Facebook that her son had no one to play with, the fire and police departments turn up
Jayliel Vega Batista was last seen about 11 p.m. Thursday after wandering away from a New Year’s Eve party barefoot and coatless
After treating the 12-year-old for bumps and bruises, they decided to rally around him and boost his confidence
Fabric of Fire Service winner Pete Villasuso created an autism-awareness program for his fire department after his son was diagnosed with the disorder in 2012
The man was hospitalized and treated; he was conscious and breathing at the hospital
A father quit his job and became a first responder after a firefighter saved his 17-year-old autistic son from choking during a seizure
Joey Wallberg has two kids with autism; he hopes his classes will help raise awarenss and make a difference