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The girl had a lingering question after the fire department taught her school about fire safety: Where would she go to escape a fire on her second floor bedroom?
12 people were injured, two seriously, in a Brooklyn apartment fire
Gwinnett County firefighters entered to investigate a fire alarm and found the unresponsive boy
Firefighters found three children unconscious inside one of two fires in Brooklyn
The Buena explosion and fire damaged several homes and injured two children
Doorbell camera shows the moments after an explosion in St. Charles burned 3 adults, 2 children
Greensboro Deputy Fire Chief Dwayne Church said there were five points of origin and multiple scenarios for the cause
The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there is no longer an active threat to the community
Authorities in Longmeadow say muriatic acid was stolen from a nearby pool building and poured on the slides
The concrete lid he was standing on crumbled sending the youngster 20-feet down into the water
Firefighters found the children in a back bedroom during a search
Gordon Graham recommends responders be vigilant and on the lookout for kids left in hot vehicles during warmer months
Jaziyah Parker noticed her mom was “acting weird” so she called 911
The “bleeding control stations” would contain tourniquets, among other life-saving items, and include instructions on preventing blood loss
The Vine Grove volunteer firefighter met the teen when she was part of the department’s junior firefighter program