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Fatal Fires

The fire service must get ahead of the lithium-ion battery threat before more lives are lost due to lack of education and response training
92 children and 3 nuns were killed in the 1958 school fire where so many previously learned lessons had gone unheeded
The union for Wichita firefighters claims dispatchers did not relay information about where the victim was trapped
False reports of fires, acts of violence and hoarding plagued a home in Hebron
Three Maui County departments failed to meet deadlines for providing information from the Aug. 8 wildfires that killed 100, left 7, 500 homeless
Crews from eight fire departments responded to the explosion in Hillsboro
Two workers were killed in the massive SouthPark construction site fire in Charlotte in May
Officials are proposing the creation of a special joint task force to consider legislative and other changes in response to the deadly fire at Port Newark
Investigators believe a clothes dryer left on overnight is the cause of the fatal Elbert County fire
FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh says Brooklyn fire is the 17th fatal fire due to lithium-ion batteries
Beneficiaries will receive payments as early as April to June of next year
Firefighters faced a basement fire that had extended to all floors and the occupied exposures
Wildfire survivors have different paths of recovery after blaze destroyed the town of Paradise
The captain of the Conception was found guilty of seaman’s manslaughter in deadly maritime disaster
Anchorage firefighters grabbed two victims before a partial roof collapse occurred