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EMS personnel performed CPR and were able to resuscitate the Kingston firefighter
The East Haddam firefighters named the kitten, who was treated with pet CPR and oxygen administration, Soot
R.I. Firefighter Anthony Colella and Mass. Firefighter Mark McCullough administered CPR for 10 minutes until the man regained consciousness
Orange County Fire Authority Probationary Dispatcher Chris Carvalho had only been on the job for three months
The investigative report finds Topsfield EMTs “grossly failed to take care of this patient appropriately”
Congressman Dale Strong, a firefighter and EMT, helped with bystander CPR after being alerted to the call
Bronny James, 18, was reported to be out of intensive care and in stable condition
HELP training is a new program offered to houses of worship and religious community groups
Chesterfield firefighter David Hart was resuscitated by other firefighters after suffering his 8th heart attack
Wichita FD divers were able to extricate the man, who was submerged for over an hour, but resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful
The mix-up sparked a debate on best practices for responding to 911 calls when the address is in question
Firefighters and EMS providers created and shared these six informative, fun posts and videos
The Birmingham Fire Rescue Service crewmember was hurt while rescuing a victim
“As we all know, CPR saved my life earlier this year,” Hamlin said at the event. “Ever since, I’ve just always wanted to do my part in raising awareness and the importance of CPR.”
Firefighter Walter Stewart lost his youngest and oldest kids following the deaths of their brother and mother