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The fire-based EMS topic deals with the range of issues facing EMTs and paramedics in the fire service. Use this page to find news and tips on survivability, ambulance safety, emergency medical response and fireground medical operations. Check out unique fire-based EMS systems throughout the country, how departments can adapt to changes in agency structure that involve EMS, solutions for common challenges, and more. And visit for more EMS news and tips.

Counties with a high poverty rate had a higher number of heat-related incidents per 1,000 EMS incidents
Burnsville Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Finseth was part of the SWAT team and one of three first responders killed on Feb. 18
Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Finseth, 40, was fatally shot as he provided aid to an injured officer
Most of the first Monterey Park firefighters on the scene of the Star Ballroom Dance Studio shooting had less than five years on the job
The state-of-the industry survey focuses on wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
Video from the dash cam of the first engine on scene captured the moment the second of two explosions happened, D.C. fire officials said
Lake County firefighters on two units nearest to the site of the Jan. 4 emergency failed to promptly alert dispatchers they were available to respond, investigation revealed
The FireRescue1 community considers what is driving high stress and staffing challenges
A jury found Aurora Fire Rescue paramedics Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichuniec guilty of criminally negligent homicide for administering ketamine to McClain
Unheeded motherly advice can lead to some uncomfortable situations when the child grows up to be a firefighter
“The thing we do is protect life — fire department, law enforcement, that’s what you do,” Fire Deputy Chief Brandon Newsome said
Everyone must be comfortable speaking up, no matter their rank or years on the job
The Waterloo fire chief also hopes to lessen stress on his crew by buying a new front-line ambulance for Station 3
Capt. Jeffrey Scott Klein was in charge of a 2020 medical response that led to the death of a patient who was put in a prone position
“I don’t want to just throw fire engines at EMS problems. I want to throw fire engines at fire problems,” said Medford Fire Chief Thompson