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RI fire station takes ‘aggressive action’ against bed bug infestation

The infestation was found after a firefighter went to the hospital to be treated for a rash

By FireRescue1 Staff

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — A fire department discovered an infestation of bed bugs at one of their stations, according to officials.

Turn To 10 reported that the Woonsocket Fire Department discovered the bed bugs after a firefighter went to the hospital to be treated for a rash.

“It appeared to be bed bug bites,” Chief Paul Shatraw said.

Fire Station Number 3 was inspected by an exterminator, who found the bugs in the living quarters. The building was treated, and all bedding and personal items were removed.

“We took aggressive action,” Chief Shatraw said. “These are actually the second homes for these men and women of the fire department, so we want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible when, in fact, they do come back.”

Services were not interrupted as the firefighters were relocated to another station.

“In terms of them coming back, we certainly won’t put them back in the building until we get 100 percent clearance from the pest control company that it’s been completely eradicated,” Chief Shatraw said.

Chief Shatraw added that the bed bugs could have possibly clung to firefighters’ clothing while they were responding to a call.

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