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Breast Cancer Awareness

Firefighters and legislators have been working to reduce exposure to PFAS in turnout gear
For firefighters facing an occupational cancer diagnosis, the days of feeling depressed, alone and tired can be tempered by the supportive nurses and techs around you
The union has retained a trio of prominent “toxic tort law” firms to demand changes to PPE and to explore compensation for firefighters and their families
Check out these social posts from departments with their support on full display
FSRI is expanding its mission to study how new sources of energy, changing demographics and where and how we live are changing the fire environment
Deputy Chief David Windrow relays his experience overcoming cancer and explains how leadership can support members during such a vulnerable time
How a simple question – “Can you paint our engine pink?” – led to a powerful campaign for firefighters
Personal reflections on diagnosis, support systems, treatment, recovery and the path ahead
Albuquerque Firefighter Laurianna Sargent discovered she is not covered under the state’s presumptive cause bill because she was diagnosed after age 40
Fellow firefighters shaved their head in solidarity with Firefighter-Paramedic Michelle Aprati while also raising money to help with her medical expenses
What fire departments can do to help shield members from elevated cancer risks
Chief Kara Kalkbrenner said she has a positive outlook and will continue to lead after recovering from surgery
Wes Hubbard, an Ames firefighter who helped to organize Story County Responders Care, said volunteers for the group have dwindled and there aren’t enough funds coming in to help ensure and fuel the vehicle
Officials said 15 percent of the female firefighters between 40 and 50 years old have been diagnosed with breast cancer