6 Calif. firefighters laid off after dept. loses grant funding

After being denied the grant renewal, at least nine other Chico firefighters face layoffs

By FireRescue1 Staff

CHICO, Calif. — Six Chico firefighters will lose their jobs at the end of this week after their fire department SAFER grant renewal was denied. At least nine other firefighters face termination by March, reported Action News Now

Over the last three years, the department increased its staff and kept all six of its stations open. The department hired 15 firefighters due to a $5 million grant.

“It allowed us to increase our staffing to have 66 people, 22 people per shift and usually 19 firefighters per day,” Chico Fire Chief Bill Hack said. 

However, the grant funding will end Jan. 7. The city has provided funding until March 7, giving the department time to re-evaluate and adjust. 

“If we don’t get the extra funding come March 7, we’ll drop down to approximately 14 firefighters per day,” Chief Hack said. 

The chief said those who have been or will be laid off will be give hiring rights within the city for the next two years.

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