68 Houston firefighter cadets caught in city budget battle

A pay parity measure is preventing 68 fully-trained firefighter cadets from being sworn in, after Houston city officials could not come to a budget agreement

By FireRescue1 Staff

HOUSTON — A disagreement between city officials regarding a voter-approved pay parity initiative that would raise firefighter wages is preventing 68 firefighter cadets from being sworn in.

ABC 13 reported that the cadets are fully trained, but Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner decided against swearing them in until a solution to fund the new firefighters’ salaries could be found.

Proposition B, as approved by the voters, would raise firefighter pay to the level of Houston police officers.

During a city council meeting, Councilman Dwight Boykins vowed to prevent discussion on any other matter until the cadets are sworn in by using the phrase ‘tag’ to delay items during the meeting, preventing other city business from proceeding.  

In response, Turner said, “I look forward to having budgetary conversations on Prop B starting tomorrow.”


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