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Cancer Risk

For firefighters facing an occupational cancer diagnosis, the days of feeling depressed, alone and tired can be tempered by the supportive nurses and techs around you
Twin Falls’ new Station 2’s hold all of its apparatus and has a decontamination area separated from living quarters
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule requiring manufacturers to report their use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances
Five position papers – focused on climate change, blood transfusions, reproductive health, mental health and CPR – were endorsed at the annual NFPA Urban Fire Forum
A physician’s assistant at FDIC urged me to seek out a specialist – and now I urge you to pay attention to your body and take action when needed
Members of the Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters Association learned about research into lung cancer varieties
Department of Defense firefighters worry about their health after research links testicular cancer to PFAS found in foam
Legislation and lawsuits grow as the effort to avoid cancer and PFAS-infused materials continues
Deaths from cancer related to the terror attacks continue to climb as do registrations with the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Identifying the top three manners of death for on- and off-duty firefighters
Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
The U.S. fire administrator touted the work of the Fire and Life Safety Communicator’s Initiative and the collaborative effort to focus on the fire service’s messaging challenges through #FireServiceOneVoice
Senate Bill 71 makes it easier for firefighters with cancer to receive workers’ compensation
Yuba City firefighters take advantage of the Galleri test to screen for over 50 types of cancer
Inside the chemotherapy experience, from the team of helpers to our role as patients