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Firefighter warns parents of fidget spinner choking hazard

The firefighter’s daughter was playing with the popular toy when a metal bearing flew off and into her mouth

By FireRescue1 Staff

INDIANAPOLIS — A firefighter wants parents to know about the dangers of a newly-popular toy.

Fox59 reported that Decatur Township Fire Department shared a story of one of their firefighter’s experiences with a fidget spinner. His daughter was in playing with the toy when one of the metal bearings flew off and into her mouth.

The firefighter tried getting the part out by performing back blows, but she eventually swallowed it.

“I did about five minutes of back blows and with her coughing, it became dislodged and went to her stomach,” the firefighter said.

His daughter was treated at the hospital.

“Thankfully this turned out well, but please be aware that it can be a choking hazard,” the Decatur Township Fire Department said.