Code 3 Podcast: Great size-ups with David DeStefano

Practice your approach to size-ups to remain focused and convey valuable information to your crew on scene

For a new company officer, doing a size-up on scene can be overwhelming.

First, you have to remember to do it – and that can be difficult when you arrive to find flames showing.

Then, you need to convey a whole lot of information in a short time.

So, how do you get good at it? Practice, says our guest on this episode.

David DeStefano is a battalion chief for the North Providence Fire Department in Rhode Island. He's served there for nearly three decades. He's also the NPFD's chief of safety and training. David is an instructor for the Rhode Island Fire Academy and lectures on fire service topics around southern New England. He has also been a presenter at FDIC International 2017.

Chief DeStefano shares several useful tips on improving your size-ups in this episode.

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