What mistakes do great fire leaders never make twice?

Becoming a great leader is a journey of many moments pieced together; here's some of the most impactful ones for success

Becoming a great leader doesn't happen overnight.

In the fire service, leadership lessons start on day one as a probationary firefighter and continue no matter how many bugles are pinned on your collar.

So we asked our readers what mistakes great fire leaders never make twice. Here are some of their responses.

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1."Lead by example. Never give an order that you yourself couldn't or wouldn't do. Train and learn a new task every day and never forget where you came from." — Larry Samyn

2."They never let the title go to their head and see the whole problem." — Dale West

3."Communication is a vital key." — Travis Salley

4."They lead from the front." — Austin Belanger

5."Never forgetting what it took to get to chief, what it's like to be a firefighter, a candidate or the true support they have from their fellow firefighters." — Patrick Williams

6."They never believe, acknowledge or promote the theories of their own greatness, while they teach by quiet example and rejoice at watching others achieve their own measure of success." — Warren Cersley

7."A great leader learns and teaches others that being or wanting to be a dead hero is never a good thing. This is why training and knowledge goes with calm and not being fast or rushing out without thinking. Always take a few second and analyze what you are in front of." — Eric Oneric Legros

8."Never forgetting that the safety of his/her personnel comes absolutely first. If you take care of them, they will take care of you." — Brian Falk

9."Tearing down your men instead of building them up." — Kevin Johnson

10."You never know or have seen everything." — Kirby Z. Smithe

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