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Code 3 Podcast

Code 3 is hosted by award-winning journalist Scott Orr, who has covered the fire/EMS/police beat for most of his 30-plus year career in news. He’s worked around the country in both TV and print. Orr was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over a decade ago, but that doesn’t stop him from interviewing fire service leaders on issues that concern firefighters around the nation.

Code 3 is available for download on iTunes, Google Podcasts and at the Code 3 website. Find it on Twitter and Facebook.

Attorney and volunteer firefighter Brad Pinsky explains qualified immunity protections and whether firefighters and medics could be sued as individuals
Captain Jonathan Hall details the engine company’s need for speed
Dan Byrne shares ideas for how to stem the increasing number of fire deaths in America
Lt. Kaci Corrigan tackles the issue of officer micromanagement and how to trust your crew will get the job done
Chad Costa and Scott Orr discuss the question, “Do firefighters with skills but no degree have less worth?”
Tom Merrill discusses command presence – what it is and why it’s important
Bruce Evans and Scott Orr discuss the value of tactical worksheets in EMS
Stephen Rhine and Scott Orr discuss the importance of fundamental skills and how to reach all generations in training
Rick Young and Scott Orr discuss how US firefighters are aiding in the ongoing Australia wildfires
Dr. Stephen Solomon – an optometrist and veteran firefighter – explains the data on what color apparatus is safest
Chief Jason Caughey shares ideas for cost-effective realistic training
Scott Orr speaks with Jack Kline about his recent op-ed about how to reverse the volunteer firefighting staffing shortage trend
EMS1 Editor-in-Chief Greg Friese speaks to Bryan’s fitness advocacy and focus on injury prevention
Firefighter/EMT Tom Redden has seen the mistakes of younger firefighters and offers advice to avoid such pitfalls for new members
Jonathan Brumley and Scott Orr discuss whether to flow water while advancing a charged hoseline
Orange County Fire Authority Chief Brian Fennessy talks about the “new normal” of structural and wildland firefighting crossover
Scott Orr interviews Stan Tarnowski about the do’s and don’ts for today’s firefighters
Jerry Helm explains why his department made the switch to the newer helmets
Gibby Gorman shares tips for providing incident commanders the critical information they need
A licensed professional counselor explains the process of counseling and how it can help firefighters
Scott Orr interviews Mauro Porcelli about real-world tips for new firefighters
Our host, Scott Orr, interviews Chief Scott Thompson about how culture of learning trumps salary in firefighter retention
Board certified emergency medicine physician Bryan Bledsoe says EMS providers rarely need to administer naloxone
Vernon relates his experiences overcoming PTSD after being stabbed during a call
Learn how to get to the next level in your firefighter career
Why, with so many strong role models, is the fire service still having trouble recruiting women?
IAFC First Vice President Chief Gary Ludwig discusses how to make sure your community paramedicine funding doesn’t run short
Exploring the benefits and limitations of training with live fire, with David Rhodes