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Cres Cor Health & Safety releases UVC + Heat next-generation Cres Guard

Decontaminate moisture-sensitive electronics with Cres Guard mobile decontamination cabinets

Cres Cor UVC and UCV+ Heat.png


MENTOR, Ohio — Cres Cor Health & Safety, manufacturers of Cres Guard, the mobile biological decontamination cabinet for first responders has released Cres Guard UVC + Heat cabinet * that effectively kills viruses and bacteria on moisture-sensitive equipment and electronics. The introductory price is $7,300 per unit.

*Germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC) and heat at 120F0.

The Cres Guard, since its introduction at FDIC 2021 has seen a strong, positive response among fire, police, and military first responders. Cres Guard is the first mobile decontamination cabinet that reduces biological hazards on structural firefighting and first responder gear in a quick, 15-minute chemical-free cycle. With more than 80% of responses being medical, personnel are often exposed to such hazards as flu, COVID-19, MRSA, and bedbugs. The Cres Guard UVC + Heat cabinet is Certified by SGS to UL-CSA 60335-1 for electrical safety.

“Our safety forces use radios, cell phones, tablets, and a host of electronic devices daily. Recognizing the risk of contamination with these tools as well, we researched, tested, and built the UVC units to add this additional line of defense,” comments Greg Baggott, President of Cres Cor. The new cabinets feature two modes, UVC for objects such as cell phones radios and laptops with a reduction of viruses/bacteria 99.99%, and UVC + Heat mode for items such as scissors, keys, ID badges, googles with an enhance reduction of viruses/bacteria 99.999%. Examples of viruses/bacteria include MS2, Staph, and E.coli.

“The Cres Guard UV/Heat unit has shown to be helpful with humidity-sensitive items such as cables, cell phones, remote controls, cuffs, flashlights, tools, etc. These units used in combination along with other devices will provide long-term safety and wellness not only for our staff but for their families as well,” comments Chief Sabo, Concord (Ohio) Twp Fire Department.

Cres Guard (FDIC booth 13123), now in its fourth year exhibiting at FDIC, has its moist heat technology cabinets being used by the Oklahoma City Fire Department, Mentor Fire Department, Ohio and Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, and many more departments throughout the US. For more information, visit or contact Yogesh Ramadoss 440-350-1100 Ext 370, mobile 216-650-2295, or