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SF fire chief demoted after harassment claims

The allegations comes a month after a female firefighter reported being intimidated and hazed by male colleagues


By FireRescue1 Staff

SAN FRANCISCO — In the latest case of sexual harassment claims within the San Francisco Fire Department, an assistant deputy chief was demoted Oct. 7.

Twenty-seven-year veteran Ken Lombardi, 48, was demoted last Friday to captain and received a pay cut after being involved in several cases of sexual harassment in his department, CBS San Francisco reported.

After being notified of his demotion, NBC reported Lombardi filed for medical leave, stating he suffered a neck injury while on duty.

“I can’t comment on a personnel matter,” Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said.

The allegations come after reports of intimidation and hazing of a female firefighter last month. Officials concluded that at least one firefighter urinated in the female firefighter’s bed, and smeared feces in the women’s locker room. Chief Hayes-White removed the entire chain of commanders at that station.

Female firefighters within the department have expressed their concern on the unfolding cases.

“As we let the story go on without full details, we allow it to tarnish our department and bond with brothers and sisters that has gone on almost 30 years,” firefighter Adrian Simms said.

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