Digital Edition: Dirty Helmet Syndrome

Redefining fire service pride and identifying the factors that drive firefighters to choose unsafe actions

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Where a dirty helmet was once a badge of honor, a source of pride for firefighters looking to prove their mettle, this symbol is now seen by many as a sign of weakness, even ignorance. With all that we know about the risks of fireground toxins, firefighters who continue to glamorize dirty gear have positioned themselves as the modern-day Marlboro Man – a face that once symbolized rugged cool, now a relic of a fading culture.

The problem extends to unsafe fireground behavior, too, but many members find themselves unsure how to embody the essence of a valiant public servant amid a growing focus on safety.

In this special coverage series, sponsored by Homeland-Six, we redefine fire service pride, identify the factors that drive firefighters to choose unsafe actions, and consider how culture and behavior are two very different ways to approach the issue. Also, we see how one department is walking the firefighter-health talk, and hear from firefighters who have changed their ways, putting health and safety above grit and ego.

I encourage you to read and share this edition with your members. It could be the clarity that cuts through the mixed messages. Then pause to consider your own mindset. So, are you afflicted?

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Dirty Helmet Syndrome: Are You Afflicted?

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