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What are the best pranks played on a rookie firefighter?

Here’s a look at some of the best truly harmless gags that strengthen the bond between firefighters


Courtesy The Jimston Journal

Everyone knows that the best pranks are the ones that are unexpected. When it comes to firehouse pranks, rookies are among the first ones to test this theory.

Whether it is a classic like asking for a left-handed halligan or a hose stretcher, or something new and imaginative, these harmless pranks are a timeless right of passage in the fire service.

We asked our Facebook fans the best prank questions or orders they’ve given to a rookie firefighter before. We picked out the most humorous ones. All in the name of fun, of course.

Don’t see a prank question or order you’ve given before? Add it in the comment section below.

1.“Left-handed halligan for a left-side opening door. Questioning whether spare O2 bottles were full or not, shake them and listen whether or not you hear anything.” — John Zurik

2.“I asked a rookie to find a hose stretcher! He looked through all the compartments on both engines we have at our station, came back to me told me he couldn’t find it. I told him to call our other two stations, because they may have borrowed it. Came back to me told me they didn’t know what he was talking about! I patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘You are the hose stretcher!’” — Christina Sutton

3.“Get the water hammer!” — Norwood Evans

4.“Go look for the keys to the engine.” — Bill Rogers

5.“Tell a rookie to put a cellar nozzle on a hydrant and charge it!” — Nick Germann

6.“When I was a rookie, my lieutenant told me to flush a hydrant, one of many we were checking that day, so I proceeded to do just that. Funny thing was, it was a yard decoration. Imagine my surprise when the owner came out of her house laughing.” — Cindie Schooner-Ball

7.“I need an ID 10T form from the chief’s office.” — William Nolan

8.“Get some siren fluid out of the cabinet!” — Jake Meyer

9.“Go grab me a basement ladder.” — Bryan Scott Grubbs

10.“Get the sky hook or the squeegee sharpener.” — Richard Scalzo

11.“Go Kickstart a K 12.” — Randy Torres

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