What would make you quit firefighting?

No matter how much passion you have for the job, everyone has a breaking point; we want to know what that point is

After a story about a fire chief and seven firefighters resigning due to a long list of deteriorating resources, it got us wondering about what our breaking point would be to walk away from firefighting.

We asked, and you answered. We picked out 13 of the best responses that capture the moment our readers would reach their breaking point.

Check them out and be sure to add your own thoughts in the comment section below.

1."If community leaders treated me and my crew with disrespect and no appreciation, then our motivation to be selfless and caring is destroyed and would drive me away involuntarily." — Jim Carr

2."My breaking point was after 20 years of volunteering this past December. I finally had enough of the politics and gave it up." — Edward E Nelson Jr.

3."I'm not bashing them for walking away, because I haven't walked in their boots. But after 16 years of service, my list of reasons to stay is shorter than my reasons to leave." — Kathryn Francis Edwards

4."My breaking point as a volunteer was when I was told the department seasonal functions come before family." — Keith Sever

5."When it is no longer fun to do the job, it's time to leave." — Eric Ray Runion

6."I decided it was time to leave when I walked into the firehouse one day and thought: 'I don't want to be here anymore.'" — Kenny Rybka

7."For me, it would be when personal safety is compromised by politics." — Ronnie Burnett

8."I have walked away from two departments in the past simply because of the direction in which the new administration was heading. I almost walked away entirely, but decided to give my current department a chance to see if that ‘spark’ is still there. And it was. I just had to find the right place." — Jerry Haley

9."Mine was five years of hazing." — Ellen Kraus

10."My breaking point was when one of my best friends got killed in the line of duty. Not sure if or when I'll go back." — Jonathan Upton

11."A retired firefighter once told me: ‘If you don't show any fear, it’s time to move on because you will only hurt yourself and your brothers.'" — Aaron Guerrero

12."If life safety of all involved became second. That's where I draw the line." — Michael Scott Reynolds Fraser

13."When it becomes more political and personal drama spewing into your life rather than saving lives." — Thomas Neves

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