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Captain burned in Dallas apartment blast joins fellow firefighter in rehab facility

Captain Chris Gadomski says he and Ron Hall will help each other during the recovery process


Photo/Tiffany Liou via Twitter

By Leila Merrill

DALLAS — Captain Chris Gadomski is the last of the three firefighters severely injured in a Sept. 29 apartment explosion to leave Parkland Memorial Hospital’s burn ICU. But he could not go home Monday.

Gadomski was transferred to UT Southwestern’s inpatient rehabilitation facility, WFAA reported. He will spend weeks there along with driver-engineer Ron Hall, who was transferred Thursday.

Hall is facing a long recovery from a broken leg and severe burns.

Gadomski has severe burns and injuries to both of his legs. He said that he and Hall will encourage each other through the healing process.

A third firefighter, Pauline Perez, has been recovering at home since Oct. 15.

A fourth firefighter, Andrew Curtis, suffered a foot injury and was discharged on the day of the fire.

Gadomski’s brother Brendan Gadomski has set up a GoFundMe page to help the three injured firefighters and their families. As of this writing, $32,456 has been donated to help the “three miracles.”

The Assist the Officer Foundation and Dallas Police Association spouses plan to host a bake sale on Nov. 10 to raise money for the firefighters who were injured in the apartment explosion. For more information or to make a donation, contact or call 214-747-6839.