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Video: Explosion rocks N.J. home with fire crews inside

The home “literally exploded ... within a couple minutes of their entrance,” a Pompton Lakes Volunteer Fire Department spokesperson said

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By Rachel Engel

POMPTON LAKES, N.J. — Recently released footage from a police bodycam video captured an explosion that rocked a New Jersey home with firefighters still inside earlier this year.

On Jan. 14, five members of the Pompton Lakes Volunteer Fire Department were inside the home when the explosion occurred.

“Within a couple minutes of their entrance, and while using a thermal imaging camera to locate the problem, the home literally exploded, injuring some members manning the hose line at the back of the home and partially trapping others in the basement,” a spokesperson with the department said.

All five crewmembers were able to make their way out of the home.

“I thought we were going to have six fatalities, I really did,” Pompton Lakes Fire Chief Jason Ekkers told “They managed to climb out of the basement with compromised stairs. They all helped each other out, they came out one at a time and we were at the back door, just feeding them out.”

Two firefighters were transported to a hospital for burns, while three others were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Firefighters were able to safely evacuate the resident of the home, who was unclear how the fire started.