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Charleston 9 memorial vandalized

Authorities say memorial crosses were broken, flags were scattered and a jug that smelled like gasoline was found nearby


By Laura French

CHARLESTON, S.C. — A memorial honoring nine South Carolina firefighters who died in the line of duty has been vandalized, officials say.

Nine memorial crosses made out of PVC pipe were pulled out of the ground and broken, American flags were scattered around and an American flag and Charleston 9 Memorial flag were removed from the flagpole at Charleston 9 Memorial Park, according to WCBD. Police also said the scattered flags smelled like gasoline and that a gallon jug that also smelled of gasoline was found nearby.

Additionally, an angel statue at the memorial plaque for fallen Capt. Louis Mulkey was knocked over and an American flag was broken off the memorial for fallen Capt. William Hutchinson, according to police.

Charleston 9 Memorial Park is the former site of the Sofa Super Store where nine Charleston Fire Department firefighters were killed battling a massive blaze on June 18, 2007. A memorial ceremony was held last week at the park on the 13th anniversary of the blaze.

The Charleston Police Department is investigating the vandalism. The damage was first discovered early Friday morning by an officer who noticed debris on the road.

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