Respected NY first responder honored after unexpected death

Christopher Weeks, a dedicated first responder who died unexpectedly, was paid tribute by his colleagues with a 15-vehicle fire and ambulance escort

By Julie Abbass
Watertown Daily Times

LEWIS COUNTY, N.Y. — Christopher Weeks, a dedicated Lewis County first responder who died unexpectedly Saturday morning, was paid tribute by his colleagues with a 15-vehicle fire and ambulance escort from Harrisville to Lowville on Route 812.

Mr. Weeks, a Harrisville resident, recently turned 41 years old. He was scheduled to take his final exam to become a paramedic on Saturday.

His death shocked his fellow first responders and inspired them to quickly assemble the emergency vehicles from Lowville, New Bremen and Harrisville to accompany Mr. Weeks with full lights and sirens along his final trip to the hospital. The Boonville fire squad joined the homage in Lowville later that day.

Mr. Weeks became a volunteer fireman with the Harrisville department as soon as he could -- at the age of 16 -- and found his calling, according to his boss and emergency medic trainer, Mark Tuttle.

As a member of the EMS teams in Watertown, Gouverneur, Carthage and most recently Lowville since he became a medic on the first team in Harrisville 15 years ago, he was known for his contagious smile and kindness.

"He could make anyone laugh," said Mr. Tuttle, "He always went above and beyond."

Mr. Weeks began working as a career, or paid, medic with Lowville Search and Rescue in 2015 while still volunteering with both the fire and EMS departments in Harrisville, where he was the EMS chief at the time of his death.

Mr. Weeks made being a first responder a family affair when he encouraged his wife and stepdaughter to volunteer as well.

"EMS and fire: it was his life. He was on call 24/7 between here and Harrisville," said Hollee Lee, Mr. Weeks' close friend and teammate in both Lowville and Harrisville.

The outpouring of support by his team members and family amazed his wife, Tracy, said Mrs. Lee.

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