Video: Houston FF who was stolen in infancy reunites with Chilean family

Tyler Graf started unraveling the mystery of his early life after meeting Chilean firefighters who were in Texas for training

By Leila Merrill

HOUSTON — A Houston firefighter who was stolen as a baby recently shared his reunion story, KTRK reported.

Before last year, Tyler Graf knew he had been adopted. But in May, he learned that he had been part of a Chilean kidnapping scheme, Click2Houston reported.

His birth mother had been told that he died, and his adoptive American parents had no idea that their baby had been stolen.

“I wouldn’t have known anything if it wasn’t for meeting the Chilean fireman that has come out here to Houston,” he said, referring to a time when Chilean firefighters were in Houston for training.

In July, a DNA test showed a match between the firefighter and his birth mother.

He has since traveled to Chile.

"I wanted to scream," said Graf’s birth mother, Hilda Quezada Godoy, who had not seen her son since 1983.

Graf also met his sisters and other relatives.


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