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FDNY Lt. demoted to medic for sleeping on the job

She was caught snoozing 12 times; after more than a dozen complains over five years the FDNY took action against her


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New York Post

NEW YORK — She’s the FDNY’s “Sleeping Duty.” The city stripped EMT Serele Ehrlich of her lieutenant’s rank after co-workers and bosses accused her of sleeping on the job an astounding 12 times.

The 57-year-old serial snoozer endangered the public for half a decade while on duty — snoring during training sessions, dozing at her desk and catching some Zs behind the wheel of her command vehicle, the FDNY contended. Ehrlich was caught multiple times blatantly sleeping on the job.

Ehrlich slept so deeply, co-workers claimed, she missed phone calls to her desk and radio communications while on patrol. Even flashing lights and blaring sirens failed to rouse her, they complained. Yet it took more than a dozen complaints over five years before the FDNY took any action against her.

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