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Video: R.I. firefighter speaks out about protest gesture

The rookie firefighter said he put his hand up in support of an equality sign he saw in the crowd



PROVIDENCE, R.I. — “The judgment about me- about that firefighter in the window- was very rushed. You know, once the snow ball picked up it didn’t stop until, well it’s still rolling,” said firefighter, Khari O’Connor.

A camera was rolling the night local Ferguson protesters burned an American flag outside theProvidence fire department. The rookie firefighter was watching from his window and says he put his hand up in support of an equality sign he saw below. “I did see the American flag and at that time my hand did not go up because I would never desecrate my county’s flag in that manner,” said O’Connor.

The 27-year-old has been with the department just under a year. He comes from a military family who has flown an American flag at their home for two decades. He says he also did it thinking about his brother who was killed in a drive by shooting in 1997. It’s the reason he become a firefighter.

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