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Calif. firefighter injured in restaurant fire

The blaze resulted in $450,000 worth of damage to the structure and its contents

By Alma Fausto
The Orange County Register

SANTA ANA, Calif. One firefighter was injured and a restaurant damaged after a fire started in the kitchen in Newport Beach early Sunday morning.

Firefighters were called to the Ho Sum Bistro at 3112 Newport Boulevard at around 2 a.m. when someone reported smoke coming from the restaurant, according to a statement released by the Newport Beach Fire Department.

Heavy black smoke was coming from the back of the building and firefighters forced their way into it. They searched the restaurant for any people inside but didn’t find anyone. Forty-three firefighters from Newport, Costa Mesa,Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley extinguished the blaze, which was confined to the kitchen.

Other parts of the restaurant were damaged by heat and smoke. Two nearby buildings were not damaged.

A firefighter was treated for minor injuries at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach then was released.

The blaze resulted in $450,000 worth of damage to the structure and its contents. Firefighters were still investigating how the blaze started.

The time it took to extinguish the fire was not immediately available.

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