Firefighter hurt after woman drives over fire hose

The firefighter became unconscious for five minutes after Karissa Morder’s vehicle dragged the fire hose and knocked him to the ground

By FireRescue1 Staff

PALMYRA, Pa. — A firefighter was transported to the hospital with head trauma after being knocked to the ground by a hose that was ran over by a vehicle.

Lebanon Daily News reported that the Palmyra Fire Department responded to a fire at an apartment complex and had the hose laid out in the parking lot.

Driver Karissa Morder ran over the hose while leaving the apartment complex and dragged it with her vehicle, knocking two firefighters to the ground.

One of the firefighters hit his head on asphalt and was unconscious for five minutes. He was transported to the hospital. The other firefighter was treated at the scene.

"People just need to realize the severity of what can happen just by simply driving over a hose," Chief Dave Dugan said. "Something so innocent can lead to something very severe."

Police said Morder was charged with recklessly endangering another person, accidents involving damage to attended vehicle or property and unauthorized driving over a fire hose.

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